Alberta Wildfire Thank you!!!

Liebe Kunden und Freunde von Kanada


Unten findet Ihr den Dank aus Alberta vom Alberta Premier Office für Eure Spende


Auch von mir nochmals besten Dank für die Unterstützung


Max Wohlwend


Canadian Store GmbH – Country Seasons




On behalf of Premier Notley, thank you for your email. The Premier is touched by the outpouring of support Alberta has received from throughout Canada and around the world in the wake of the Fort McMurray wildfires. It is wonderful to hear your store is collecting donations for those affected.


The best way for you to help is to make a donation to the Alberta Fires Appeal online at The Alberta government will match donations to the Red Cross in support of the people of Fort McMurray. These donations will provide relief in the form of emergency food, clothing, shelter, personal services, and other necessities to help assist with recovery and resiliency.


Again, thank you for your generosity.


Sorcha Thomas

Premier’s Correspondence Unit

Office of the Premier


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Fire Chief Darby Allen passes torch as Fort McMurray recovery efforts take centre stage

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